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PO Box 2743

Glenview IL 60025-6743

773-850-BDOG (2364)


Blackdog All Breed Dog Rescue is a licensed, volunteer, not for profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned dogs from high kill shelters. Working with committed volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians and trainers we are able to provide compassionate care for dogs in need until their forever home is found.




Vision Statement:

*Facilitate the rescue of homeless dogs into loving and responsible homes.

*Help reduce the number of homeless and abandoned dogs by supporting spay/neuter initiaitves in Illinois and throughout the United States.

*Increase public awareness regarding the importance of obedience training and responsible pet ownership.

*Work with other rescues to help Illinois become a "no-kill" shelter state for all healthy and adoptable animals.

*Develop a strong foster network within the rescue community.

*Promote the positive image of pitbull and pitbull-type dogs so Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) will become a thing of the past.

*Work to reverse the low adoption rate of black-coated dogs when compared to lighter-coated dogs.

*Participate in fundraising events in order to provide our dogs with veterinary treatment, food, shelter and other basic needs.




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